How is a FICO Score Created?

How is a FICO Score Created?

A lot of people are wondering what they have to do in order for their score to be generated on a credit report with a credit reporting agency. As it turns out the process is not that difficult at all. Just because you have started a new credit file two weeks ago it does not mean that you will automatically have a credit score. Your credit report has to have certain qualifications.
First of all you must have one trade line, which is the same as saying you must have one account which has been on file with the credit bureau for at least six months. Anything less than this time frame will disqualify you from having a credit score. Another qualification is that you must have one account on your credit file which has not been disputed for any reason within the last six months. If you only have one account and you have some type of dispute going on with that creditor within the last six months you will be disqualified from receiving a credit score until that situation is corrected.

This last qualification is important as well. There cannot be anyone on your credit file that has been reported to the credit bureau as being deceased. If someone else is on your file and they are deceased this too can stop you from receiving your FICO score. If another person on your credit file is now deceased you may want to contact the credit bureau and have them removed. They will probably need some type of verification such as a death certificate.

These are safe guards put in place to help consumers. You must have some type of established credit on file and six months appears to be the time frame to get that done. Once you have your FICO score it is so important to do the things necessary to protect your score. Always pay your debts on time and keep your credit card balances low because using up too much of your available credit can lower your score. You may want to establish some different types of credit such as a line of credit, automobile loan, credit card and a mortgage. When you have a variety of different credit types it serves to increase your credit score.

Make sure you dispute any items on your credit file that don’t belong to you. Any derogatory credit whether it is yours or not will serve to bring your credit score down and ultimately cost you money in terms of more finance charges with other credit products.

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